Thomasson Resources

Peeling & Drying Capability:

East Mississippi Pole Company

East Mississippi Pole Company processes raw Southern Yellow Pine by peeling, kiln drying, framing and inspecting it prior to pressure treatment at Macon Treating Company or other treatment facilities.

CCA Pressure Treatment:

Macon Treating Company

The Macon Treating Company is a full scale pressure treating facility providing CCA and CCA-ET treatment applications. MTC’s pole treatment process was designed by Arch Chemical and is closely monitored to meet or exceed customer specifications, current EPA guidelines and AWPA & ANSI treatment standards.

Sales Team:

Thomasson Company

Thomasson’s sales team is comprised of loyal, dedicated individuals who combine for more than 100 years of proven experience in the pole and piling industry. They thrive on building long-term relationships and taking time to analyze each customer’s requirements. This focused approach provides every customer with individual attention and a winning strategy.


Thomasson Export Company

Thomasson Export Company specializes in worldwide distribution of utility poles, cross ties, cross arms, and other wood products.