Crane & Pipeline Mats

An established leader in pressure-treated industrial wood products,  Thomasson Company made its name in the utility pole and piling business. Earning a reputation for high quality products and innovative inventory management and distribution programs, we are also leveraging that expertise to produce and deliver strong, durable, hardwood crane and pipeline mats.

Our mats are fabricated to withstand the rigors of heavy equipment traffic, pipeline construction and prolonged placement in inhospitable conditions.  Thomasson crane and pipeline mats minimize detrimental environmental impacts on job sites, such as soil erosion, as well as providing a safer, more stable working environment.

Thomasson Company has the experience and the infrastructure in place to respond to large, urgent orders, as well as the ability to meet exacting customer specifications. Our attention to detail and over 40-year heritage ensures the quality and functionality of all our mats and skids.

At A Glance:

• EIN # 46-5256567

• NAICS Code  32121

• EMR – .84

Mat Offerings:

Dragline Mats Used for machinery

  • Under 50 tons —  8” x 4’ (up to 24’ length)

Crane Mats Used for heavier machinery

  • 50 tons and over — 12” x 4’ (up to 40’ length)

Laminated Mats (Domestic & Canadian) Used for trucks and light machinery

  • 2-ply or 3-ply
  • 4” or 6” thickness
  • 8’ wide (lengths 12’, 14’ or 16’)
  • Nailed or Carriage Bolted
  • Cables or Chains for Lifting
  • Interlocking Mats
  • Strategic Inventory Locations and Rail Sidings

Procurement Methods:

  • Direct Purchase
  • Buy-back Programs
  • Leasing
  • Rental

Additional Services Offered:

  • Mat Placement
  • Mat Barging
  • Mat Removal
  • Logistics
  • Mat movement up and down the right of way (ROW)
  •  Project Management


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