• Thomasson Company and its subsidiaries work in concert to bring quality control to every stage of the utility pole production process. East Mississippi Pole Company handles our peeling and drying duties, and Macon Treating Company administers CCA pressure treatment applications. Through seamless vertical integration, we realize cost control advantages as well as the ability to mill and treat raw materials to customers’ exacting specifications.

  • Thomasson Company is proud to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Granted by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), this status acknowledges the integral roles CEO Pat Thomasson and Treasurer Helen Thomasson have within the company. Furthermore, WBENC certification affords companies who do business with Thomasson Company access to benefits and incentives from federal, state and local governments.

  • No one responds to natural disasters more quickly or with greater force and perseverance than Thomasson Company. When catastrophic events occur, our company mobilizes at a moment’s notice. Our ability to rapidly deliver standing inventory to the areas hardest hit and ramp up production to meet surging utility pole orders is the stuff of legend.

  • Shipping unwieldy utility poles can be a logistical nightmare for the uninitiated. For 30-plus years Thomasson has mastered the art of punctual and precise pole delivery. In fact, we’ve gotten so proficient at delivering the right number of poles to a job site at exactly the right time, we’ve named our proven process “Just-in-Time” Delivery.

  • An industry leader in the development of inventory consignment programs, Thomasson Company, introduced the “Pay-As-You-Go” consignment distribution model in 1974. With this innovative program, utility poles are stored at remote locations specified by a customer; however, ownership does not transfer to the customer and compensation is not triggered until the poles are actually used.

  • “Hurricane Sandy ravaged our region and left more than a million of our customers in the dark. In the midst of the recovery, a snowy nor’easter gave our area a second punch. When we called on Thomasson to provide much needed supplies, they answered with exceptional speed.”

    Kevin Burke,
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer