Industry News

August 25, 2011
Thomasson Company Continues Long-Standing Tradition Of Involvement In Key Industry Associations

Thomasson Company President Brent Gray has been elected Secretary of The Southern Pressure Treaters' Association for 2011-2012. CONTINUE READING...

March 23, 2011
2011 SBA Small Business Exporter of the Year
Thomasson Company selected as Mississippi's U.S. Small Business Administration 2011 Small Business Exporter of the Year. CONTINUE READING...

March 01, 2011
Mississippi Business Named a U.S. Chamber Award Winner
Mississippi Business Named a U.S. Chamber Award Winner. Thomasson Company Recognized as a 2010 Blue Ribbon DREAM BIG Small Business CONTINUE READING...

June 18, 2010
We Arrived In Duran; An Ecuadorian Trainride

Ecuador is in the midst of a great revival in their transportation industry. Over the years their rail system, one of the most important modes of travel throughout the country, had become dilapidated and in most areas unusable. President Rafael Correau had said he would revive the rail system. Since his election in 2006, he is keeping that promise. CONTINUE READING...

May 10, 2010
2009 Governor's Cup Awards District Winner

Thomasson Company chosen as District Winner for the 2009 Governor's Cup Awards.

February 05, 2010
MLMA Elects 2010 Officers; Thomasson elected President

Pat Thomasson, Thomasson Company, Philadelphia MS, was elected President of the Mississippi Lumber Manufacturers Association during its Annual Meeting February 5th. Thomasson is the first female to achieve this position. Her father, Hugh Thomasson (deceased) served as president in 1969. Thomasson Company manufactures and sells pressure treated poles, piling and other wood products for domestic and export markets. CONTINUE READING...

February 05, 2010
Thomasson Company Celebrates Successful First Year At
Macon Treating Company

Leading utility pole supplier celebrates one year anniversary of new plant.

HUNTSVILLE, AL - Thomasson Company, a leading supplier of poles and wood products to utility companies and other industries, recently marked the first year of production at its Macon Treating Company. The $3 million plant opened 4Q/2008 and represented Thomasson's ongoing commitment to providing quality wood utility poles, piling, crane mats and other pressure treated industrial wood products to companies in the U.S. and abroad. CONTINUE READING...